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Waste Collection Pembury

Welcome to 1st Choice Waste Management! We are the go-to company for waste collection in Pembury and beyond. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with tailored services that meet their individual needs.

Whether you’re dealing with a one-off job or require regular, ongoing removal of unwanted materials, we have the perfect solution for you. No matter what your requirements are, our professional and experienced team will be able to help.


E-Waste Removal

E-waste removal is an important part of waste management that often gets overlooked. Many people struggle with disposing of their old electronics in an environmentally friendly way. That’s why we’re here!

1st Choice Waste Management can expertly handle the safe and responsible disposal of your e-waste. We have a wide range of collection options, from one-off pickups to scheduled visits. No matter what your needs are, we can provide a solution that works for you.

Household Waste Removal

Moving house? Have too much clutter? 1st Choice Waste Management can help. We understand that it can be difficult to remove larger items from your property, which is why we offer a professional household waste removal service. Our team will collect and dispose of any unwanted furniture or appliances quickly and efficiently, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Building Waste Removal

Demolishing, renovating or simply cleaning up? We can help with that too. Our team is experienced in the safe and responsible disposal of building materials such as concrete, bricks, wood, and drywall. We understand the importance of proper waste management when taking on a large job like this one. That’s why we offer tailored services to ensure all of your materials are disposed of responsibly.

Commercial Waste Removal

Finally, we offer commercial waste removal services for businesses throughout Pembury and the surrounding area. Our team is experienced in dealing with a wide range of materials, and we can provide regular pickups or one-off visits tailored to meet your specific needs.


Contact Us Today

No matter what your waste management needs are, 1st Choice Waste Management can help. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with tailored services that meet their individual requirements. Give us a call today on 01892 249131 to find out more!

Efficient waste management and skip hire services

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and carrying out our work in an efficient, effective and responsible manner. Our experienced team brings years of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that all your requirements are met with professionalism.