Waste Collection Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath is a bit off the beaten path and for some businesses and homeowners that can present a challenge when it comes to waste collection. That is why so many turn to 1st Choice Waste Management to handle their waste collection in Haywards Heath.

We provide a wide range of waste collection and disposal services informed by our vast knowledge of applicable laws and regulations and our own experience with safe and compliant handling and disposal. When you entrust your waste collection to 1st Choice, you can rest easy.

Household Waste Collection in Haywards Heath

Spring cleaning, garden clearance and remodelling projects can generate an uncomfortable amount of waste that needs to be collected and properly disposed of. That’s where we come in. We can collect and safely dispose of all of your non-toxic waste in a timely fashion that is fully compliant with all applicable regulations.


Commercial Waste Collection in Haywards Heath

If you are a business based in Haywards Heath you know how important it is to have your waste collected and disposed of properly. 1st Choice Waste Management offer expert commercial waste collection that will keep your business running smoothly while complying with all collection and disposal laws and regulations.

Building Waste Collection

Commercial renovation work generates vast amounts of waste that all needs to be collected and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We have years of experience working with construction firms and building managers to ensure the safe and compliant collection and disposal of building waste.

E-Waste Collection

E-waste comprises everything from old computers and printers to televisions, electronic cables and more. Disposing of this material requires an expert hand fully versed in all current national and local regulations. If you want to ensure your e-waste does not come back to haunt you trust the pros at 1st Choice to dispose of it in a timely and fully compliant fashion.


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With many years of hands-on experience, 1st Choice Waste Management are the smart choice for fast and eco-friendly waste collection in Haywards Heath. Call us today on 07939 890810 to learn more.

Efficient waste management and skip hire services

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and carrying out our work in an efficient, effective and responsible manner. Our experienced team brings years of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that all your requirements are met with professionalism.